Flüüfff 2021 is maintained. See the Covid-19 Safety Measures. [More info]


We are still working on the schedule, but here are some activities that you can expect:

General Conveniences

Fursuit lounge

Hellcharm and her team welcome you and your costume in a very convenient lounge. Fans will help you cool off and the mighty Garuda (a contraption created by Orthank) will dry your fursuit in the blink of an eye! Refreshments, small snacks and even a little repair station are available for all fursuiters.

Dealers' den

Come discover the work of talented artists and artisans, a must go if you’re planning on bringing back a unique souvenir or would like to commission a piece. Zepto welcomes you in his den, the Dealers Den! A place of creativity that showcases the soul of our fandom; its creators!


Convention life can be crazy and busy but one should always make time for a drink and a nice conversation in good company. Amaroq and his bartenders quench your thirst with fresh drinks, certified Belgian beers and cocktails made with love!


Start the day with a happy and full stomach by visiting the hotel’s breakfast buffet! Time to get the energy you need to enjoy the convention to its fullest.

Schedule on the go

We have a handy app for you. You can now have the schedule and some basic convention info in your pocket whether you are using an Android phone or an Apple phone!

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