Due to the current COVID-19 measures, Flüüfff has been postponed to November 2021. [More info]

Convention postponed

August 10th 2020

Convention postponed

Dear (potential) attendee to Flüüfff 2020,

2020 has been a very tumultuous year so far. We’ve seen fires, explosions and angry mobs, and, as you all might be aware of (we’d be surprised if you’re not), a deadly virus spreading at alarming rates.

In other words: The current situation is not looking good with the increase of the Covid-19 cases and reminds us that circumstances can change really quickly.

One of our main practices in dealing with the measures has been a repeating risk assessment, where all factors for the convention (like attendees, spaces, health, safety, amount of beavers) are evaluated in order to determine the risks and hazards of the convention.

The latest risk assessment done together with the involved heads of department indicates that we will be taking too much risk were we to continue the convention as planned without any change to the size, manner, audience or feeling.

The safety of our attendees and staff comes first, always.

In light of the virus, the measures to be taken, the governmental warning and the mandated response from events our size, for the safety of our guests and our staff we have decided the following:

The convention is postponed to next year.

Tickets bought for this edition will be carried over unless you require a refund (instructions below).

The convention in 2021 will happen on the same days: from the 10th to the 14th of November.

Please remember that all enthusiasm and energy you have for the convention feeds us, we love to organise Flüüfff and appreciate your support.

Keep it up, and we hope to see you all again soon! 💖
In the meantime stay safe,
The Flüüfff Team.

Registration: residential tickets validity and refund requests

So what happens to my residential tickets?

By default, your residential tickets remain valid for Flüüfff 2021, and you don’t have to do anything. Would you like a refund? That is also possible!

If you booked a room, simply log in to your account, and you will find a form there with your refund preferences. There will be three options available:

  • Keep ticket;
  • Full refund;
  • Partial refund (with donation).

All refunds happen through bank transfer, so you will be prompted to enter your bank account info.

Additional information:

  • The refund option will be available for 2 months, until October 12th 2020. After this point, refunds are no longer available, but you can still find someone to sell your ticket to!
  • Only rooms booked prior to this announcement are eligible for refunds.
  • All refunds will be processed after the deadline, we are sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding!
  • Please note that sponsor options count as (and are officially registered as) donations, sadly these cannot be refunded.

If you have any further questions, or need refunds processed sooner, don’t hesitate to contact Registration through the registration form and we’ll do our best to help you out!


If you have any questions relative to your booking, refunds, etc, you can message our Registration team through the contact form. They will do their best to provide you a quick and clear answer.

If you have any other questions not related to your bookings, you can contact us through the same contact form.