Talent Show

Les Furries peuvent souvent se montrer très créatif! Ne manquez pas le Talent Show pour voir quels sont les talents de vos amis à poils!

Furgiants Rampage

Les Furries cassent tous ce qu'ils touchent, surtout quand se sont des géants et qu'ils débarquent dans une ville de carton.


Eclatez vous à la Dance où les DJ joueront leurs meilleures sélections musicale.

Que vous aimiez la House, le Hardcore, le Drum and Bass, le Dubstep ou la Techno, notre DJ vous jouera la musique que vous aimez!

DDR Night

Les Furries peuvent dancer! Vous en doutez? Allez donc le vérifier par vous même!


L'équipe des Évènements est en train de bosser dur sur les animations de cette année. Vous pouvez déjà voir la pré-liste des évènements prévus pour cette année. D'autres seront rajoutés au fur et à mesure.

Animal Noises Quizz

Guess which animal is making the sound.

Art Lounge

Let’s get creative! Grab your favorite materials and join other fellow artists time for you to finish a drawing, complete a commission or just to share a couple of funny stories and a silly doodle.

Brew It Yourself

Belgian beer is famous, everyone knows that! But did you know you can make some at home? In this panel you can follow the whole brewing of a typical Belgian brown beer with explanations, hands on parts and degustation.

Closing Ceremony

Time for a big hug, some more thank you’s and a warm goodbye with the hope of seeing you again next year!


Party Hard at the dance where the DJ’s will be playing a nice selection of music. Whether you like House, Hardcore, Drum and bass, Dubstep or Techno, our DJ’s play what you like!

DDR Night

Dance Dance Revolution all night woohooo! Come and wiggle the best you can on the beat of that typical japanese arcade game.

Dead Dog Party

Don't miss the celebration of the end of the convention!

Dealers Den

Buy, sell and commission art from furry artists.

Escape Room

FurGiants Rampage

Furries destroy everything, especially when they're giant and they enter into a tiny cardboard city.

Fursuit Games

A fun and complete challenge for any fursuiter. Come demonstrate your skills and put on a show for the attendees of the convention in a variety of fursuit games. (This event requires you to register to participate).

Fursuit Walk

Right after the group picture, we invite you for a relaxing walk through the little path lost in the dunes. Amazing view on the pier and the sea and a good occasion to take pictures! Once again, check the communication channels in case the weather doesn’t agree with us.

Games Nights and Frights

Group Picture

A must go in every furry convention. Picture will be taken in the dunes in front of the hotel like last year unless the Belgian weather betrays us, of course. Keep an eye on the communication boards and channels for any changes. UPDATE: We gather at 12am at the parking of the hotel (near the Motorfurs Meet) and leave the hotel to cross the street. Staff members will be leading and closing the convoy with high visibility jackets. We take the picture at 12h30 in the dunes, same spot than last year. You are free afterwards to head back to the hotel or continue in the dunes for the Fursuit Walk! In order to keep things easy and safe, we ask all the fursuiters to be at the front of the convoy. We'll walk at a calm pace, be careful when crossing the street, make sure to wait for a sign from the staff! :) See you all soon at the PARKING at 12AM!!!


A friendly little “get together” in the main room to get to know each other a bit better and give ourselves a kickstart for the convention!


A chill event for all the people who like to lean back with a nice cocktail and have a nice conversation with some groovy beats in the background.

Opening Ceremony

The official opening of the second edition of Flüüfff! At this event you will get to know all about the convention, the staff and our theme!


Snack Exchange

Interested in tasting food from all over the world? Then the snack exchange is your type of event! Bring your own favourite snack from your country and let other people have a taste! (This event requires you to register your snack so we know what people will bring).

Talent Show

Do you have a special talent that you’d like to show? You can at the Talent show! Whether it’s singing, dancing, playing an instrument, telling jokes or any other talent, you join the Talent Show and amaze the audience with your own special talent! (This event requires you to register So we know what acts there are and what materials you need to perform). You can register for the talent show.

Tea Party

Waffles & Chocolates

Two delicious Belgian treats! This panel will give you a taste of what Belgian waffles and chocolate are all about!

Fursuit Lounge

La fursuit lounge n'est pas ouverte tout le temps. L'accès en est limité aux fursuiters et leurs accompagnants.

Heures d'ouverture
À annoncer

Le saviez vous? Orthank, un Tauren doué de ses mains, a fabriqué Garuda, le séchoir à fursuits.


Le bar est le meilleur endroit pour discuter avec d'autres bricoleurs, un verre à la main.

Heures d'ouverture
À annoncer

Amaroq et son équipe prendrons grand soin d'étancher votre soif.

Dealers' Den

C'est au Dealers's Den que vous devez aller si vous compter ramener de superbes œuvres d'arts produites par des artistes talentueux.

Heures d'ouverture
À annoncer

Zepto et ses serpents s'occupent à faire tourner le Dealers's Den. Il se tiendra prêt à aider les artistes et les participants à trouver ce qu'ils cherchent.