Flüüfff 2020 - Belgium
Grand Casino Going All-In 2020
Furry Convention Belgium 11 NOV - 15 NOV

Flüüfff 2020 - Grand Casino, Going All-In - Belgium

Furry Convention

Flüüfff is a furry convention. The furry fandom is a community inspired by anthropomorphic animals (animals with human traits). People who are part of the fandom are called furries. You can expect big fluffy animal costumes!

Brussels, Belgium

For the 4th edition of the con, we changed our location! We are now located in the center of Brussels, easily accessible by train! The Bedford Hotel & Congress Centre is a great new place for the con!

11 November - 15 November

Mark your agendas because Flüüfff 2020 starts on Wednessday 11 November and ends on Sunday 15 November.

Flüüfff 2020 - Belgium
Flüüfff 2020 - Belgium

Welcome to our casino!

For the fourth edition of the convention, our team would love to invite you to the brand-new Flüüfff Grand Casino in Brussels!

Sir Floats-a-lot became rich with all his cool projects from last year and doesn't know what to do with all his money anymore... That's why he decided to 'invest' all his money at a casino... But all the casino's he went to, didn't like the fur on their carpets, so he decided to open his own casino: The Flüüfff Grand Casino.

Are you ready to put your furry paws on the poker tables?
Want to lose everything you love by gambling at the roulette tables?
Can't you just wait to be as fancy dressed as possible on these rich casino evenings?

Come play and gamble* with us from November 11 till November 15!

* Flüüfff panels don't include gambling with real money or possessions. We are not responsible of private gambling in rooms and such.

236 attendees
44% fursuiters
73 volunteers
4 editions