Period Price per person Description
Before 1st June 2017 320 € Hotel + Breakfast and Dinner + Convention fees
After 1st June 2017 330 € Hotel + Breakfast and Dinner + Convention fees
Sponsor +30 € Regular package + free t-shirt + goodie bag (+ our gratitude thank you, thank you, thank you!)

Payment method

We only accept bank transfers.
Don't forget to mention your Nickname, First Name and Last Name in the communication field of your bank transfer so we can identify you.

Upon receiving the validation email, you have 10 days to proceed with a first installment of 50 € (roughly 15% of the total).
The full payment must be completed within two months following the confirmation of your registration.
You can pay in up to 3 installments.

If there's any problem during the payment process or if you're unable to use bank transfers, please contact the registration team at and they'll find a solution.

Registrations close the 15th of October. All payments must have been completed before this date.