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Welcome to the website of the Flüüfff, Belgium's furry convention!

Already 60 attendees (including 23 fursuiters) and growing!
Whether you are an experienced party animal or new to the community, we are looking forward to welcoming you for edition #1: A Seaside Holiday — Remember Last Summer!
Grab your buckets and your shovels, put on your crocs and don't forget to smear sunscreen all over your nose; we're going to the beach!
We'll welcome you from the 2nd to the 5th of November in the Corsendonk Duinse Polders hotel in Blankenberge.
The Flüüfff Crew

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26 February

Registrations are open

The Crew

The Flüüfff Crew

Dear flüüfffers,

We are so happy to announce you that the registrations are opening today at 20:00. Our registration team will be happy to take care of your registrations. If anything ever goes wrong you can contact, and your registration lifeguards Kai Tee, Faelan or Zepto will kindly help you. Also, if you don't receive any mail from us, check your spam box first: it might be there.

If you love to feel at home, we have got good news for you: the hotel rooms are in fact studios. So if you prefer homemade hamburgers to fritje you can cook your own food (but why not buying french fries and eat them with your hamburgers? *hmmm, yummy!*).

And don't forget to bring your beachmat and a towel!

The Flüüfff Crew
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8 February

We are now officially live!

The Crew

The Flüüfff Crew

We invite you to lay back, relax and let those warm summertime feelings take over your tired winter fur/scales/feathering. Bright days are ahead; rays of sun and fun, mountains of sand and friends in a new Belgian furry event!

And what better media than a brand new website to discover what your brand new convention has to offer? All kinds of useful infos are already available in the About section so make sure to have a look. We also put some previews of the hotel here as well as a little teaser of the activities for edition number one.

Now you might be wondering when the registrations will start. Well, we'll ask you just a little bit more of patience for those will be open the 25th of February. Till then, you can follow us on TwitterFuraffinityFacebookFurryNetwork so you don't miss anything regarding the convention.
To end this first news, we'd like to thank Djahaï and Niki who have been working hard to bring us this beautiful website as well as Leeden and Zepto for the illustrations! Big up to them!

Till next time,

The Flüüfff Crew
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