We offer two kind of tickets.

Birds are cool and now you can be too! Be an early bird and buy the tickets before June, after that the tickets will be 10€ more expensive.

Residential Tickets

These tickets are only sold online and up to two weeks before the convention starts.
Before ordering, please check the important registration info below!

  • Unlike last year, we offer the possibility to drop the dinner buffet.
  • When buying a full room, you have to pay for all the tickets in the room at once.
  • When buying a full room, the other people in your room only need to create an account (all spots include access to the convention). When you bought the room and the other roommates have created their account, you can invite them to your room using their regnumber.
  • When buying a full room, you can only buy a room if all the people in the room take either dinner or no dinner. If you do want to room with someone with an other dinner choice, you should buy 2 separate tickets or take no dinner and contact registration by mailing
  • You can only buy one kind of room ticket. You can buy multiple tickets of the same type by booking all spots of an entire room at once, but you cannot buy tickets for multiple rooms.

Standard rooms (S Wing)

Budget rooms (K Wing)



You want to sponsor the convention? You can then be a sponsor and help us to make the convention even better! The sponsor option costs 30€ (per person).

We will thank you with a t-shirt, a gift and credit you in the conbook.

T-shirts can also be bought apart from the sponsorpack!

The t-shirt displayed in this section, is the one from the 2018 edition! The new one will look different!

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