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The Bedford Hotel in Brussels

This year's hotel is the awesome Bedford Hotel in Brussels!

It's a stone's throw away from the Brussels centre, the station, a ton of food places, and the vibrant, glorious, shiny nightlife.

We're excited to welcome you, we're excited to have you! We're excited to be taken out to dinner by you and...

Oh, I got carried away. Welcome!


Restaurant Le Magellan

Dine in style and at its finest in the Magellan Restaurant. There is seating for 240 guests and the restaurant is divided into a buffet and “à la Carte” restaurant to serve a wide range of tastes and dietary needs. All ingredients are from suppliers in the surrounding area.

The hotel’s restaurant is a super nice area, with good food for decent prices!

You can find the menu here.


Low Budget

There are many nice food places nearby, if you’re out on a walk.

  • There's two nice kebab places (one on each side of the road) within 5 minutes of walking out the hotel front door (go left!).
  • There’s a very recommended pastabar a little ahead. A good option is the spicy pasta with extra cheese!
  • If the spicy pasta isn’t exotic enough for you, there’s a vietnamese corner on the end of the street if you keep walking left.
  • And if you’re a tasteless animal, you can go to a McDonald's. It’s only a 10 minute walk.

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