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Legal Mentions

Flüüfff ASBL is a registered Belgian Non Profit Organisation with organisation number 0662.498.716 (see more on the Belgian Crossroads Bank for Enterprises Database).

Flüüfff, ASBL
Rue du Cadran 7
1210, Saint-Josse-ten-Noode

The administrators of the NPO are Thierry Dognié, Jan Taverniers, Wybren van der Meer and Benoît Volckaert.

All the revenues made during the event will be used for equipment or services to improve the next editions of Flüüfff and/or given to charity.

Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions apply to all attendees and visitors of the convention.

Registration and Payment

In order to take part in the convention, you are required to buy a ticket emitted through the Flüüfff registration. Tickets purchased from other sources are not valid.


Registrations are subject to approval by registration staff.

Payment methods

We currently accept payments through bank transfer, Credit Card (VISA, Mastercard), and Debit Card (Bancontact, Maestro). No other means of payment are accepted.

Payment by bank transfer

The first payment for an invoice is due within 10 calendar days after you have selected the payment by bank transfer.

If we do not receive proof of payment within 10 days after the payment method has been selected, your slot is no longer guaranteed and may be cancelled.

For payments of more than 120€, we also permit payment in maximum 3 instalments up to 2 month before the convention.

Rooms assignment

The registration team reserves the right to rebook the attendees in different rooms should they need to. If the new room price is lower than what the attendees paid, the difference will be refunded.


Non-staff attendees registering before the official registration date, may get banned from the convention. In that case, the registration team reserves the right to refund your registration costs.


A confirmation email will be sent to you when everything has been paid fully.

You can always access your account page to print out your confirmation, check the payment status for your invoices or print your invoices.

Age Verification

Attendees must be at least 18 years old at the first day of the convention.

Minors (at the first day of the convention) are not allowed to register and convention access will be refused.

Attendees are required to present their legal photo ID, driver licence or passport at check-in time. Your ID details must match all the information in our electronic records.

Cancellation/Ticket Transfer


Tickets (including all fees, extras and hotel rooms booked through Flüüfff) are not refundable.

Tickets (including all fees, extras and hotel rooms booked through Flüüfff) can be transferred. Both parties must send an e-mail to using the e-mail they signed up with along with their registration number, and confirm the transfer.

Registration staff will update the database accordingly after the transfer.

The transfer can only be considered complete when Flüüfff sends a confirmation e-mail (this confirmation e-mail will be sent to all parties).

Note: Ticket transfers must be cleared by the Registration team ahead of time in all cases. Any person showing up at the convention who is not in our database will not be admitted in someone else’s name.

Event Cancellation

In case the event is cancelled, all payments to Flüüfff (ticket, hotel) will be refunded, with the possible exception of processing fees and organisation costs.

Any and all other expenses, such as travel costs or other expenses not with Flüüfff, will not be refunded under any circumstances.


Sponsorship is a simple way to support the convention through a voluntary extra donation. In return, sponsors will be mentioned by name in the conbook, get a differently styled name badge, and receive a complimentary gift package.

Terms of Conduct

These rules and guidelines apply to all attendees of the convention.

Flüüfff likes to present itself as a professional convention of friendly, respectful, and open-minded members of the furry community and their friends. To avoid any misunderstanding about what kind of behaviour is generally acceptable at an event like Flüüfff, you are expected to follow these rules. Please make sure that you read and understand them. Also keep in mind that these rules are in effect during the whole convention time, including possible early arrival and late departure days.

Registration and Badges

General Behaviour


Clothing and Decency

Flüüfff wants to be as tolerant and welcoming as possible towards all attendees. This means we wish to be as permissive as possible, as long as this does not cause offence among other attendees and people who share the public spaces. Exceptions to the rules below will be clearly communicated as well as the specific hours and areas to which they apply.

Be aware that some items of clothing, apparel, or similar items might bring the convention and/or fandom into disrepute and should not be worn in public. If you have to ask or think twice about doing something in public, it is a good indication that you should take it to your room.

Convention staff reserves the right to determine whether any clothing and/or accessories contravene the following rules. Questions regarding rules for clothing and outfits should be directed to the head of registration.

Alcohol and Drugs

General Hotel Rules

Hotel Rooms and Privacy

Weapons, Look-Alikes, and Dangerous Items

Commercial Activity

Photography and Video

Pets and Animals

The Bottom Line

Please use the contact form for all inquiries regarding our policies and terms and conditions.

We hope you will have a great time!

Privacy policies

Last update on: April 23, 2022

Terms and Definitions


You are giving us your consent to process and store some personal information about yourself. The information you are communicating to is required for your registration to the website as well as the event.

Some of this data is transmitted to third parties:

The same personal data is used for your registration for the convention itself and to generate your invoice.

Your birthdate is necessary so that we can ensure that you are over 18 years old at the start of the convention.

Even if you haven’t completed the registration process, your data will be stored to allow you to end the registration process later.


We will use your email to send you important messages about your registration at Flüüfff, updates on our terms and policies, or changes in the convention schedule.


The cookies mentioned above are for the sole purpose of identifying you on the website. They are not used to track your activity. They are essential for the website to work correctly.

Flüüfff's website uses cookies for:


Flüüfff uses Plausible, an open source tracker on its website. It is hosted on to track anonymised data related to visited pages, number of visitors, etc.

This tracker does not use any cookie.

For more information on how Plausible works and keep your data anonymous, please visit Plausible’s Data Policy.

Your rights

You have the right to:

Please use the contact form if you wish to make one of those requests, or for more information on the matter.

Automated Decision Making

The data assessed is not used for any kind of automated decision making by Flüüfff.

Data security

No software or hardware can be said to be completely secured against data breach, but we are doing our best to keep it as secure as possible from malevolent third parties.

Should any data be stolen, we will notify you about the incident and post a notice on the website as soon as we are able to.

Retention of Personal Information

All personal information saved on our databases will be removed one month after the end of the convention.

Invoicing data will be kept as long as legally obligated by the Belgian law.

Your personal data is stored in a database in France.

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